2019 Mercedes GLC300 For Sale – SOLD

The car for your life and a ride for your dreams

Listed at 22,000 USD

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I have had the pleasure of owning this 2019 GLC300 for about two years. Before this I had a 2018 GLA250. While I really liked the GLA I can’t but recommend the GLC300 over it.

The car has everything needed. Plenty of horsepower, torque, infotainment, space, a bespoke interior and a very sexy curb appeal. Speaking of curbs, its curb weight is just shy of 4000 lbs. That’s where the super solid feel comes from. With the 4Matic all-wheel drive, go anywhere at any time.

I would love to see this car go to a family who is looking at options in the 20 to 25 thousand dollar range. I don’t use it for carting around anything but myself. Yet I can imagine the great potential it has for carrying kids and gear from here to there. You’d have a great, safe ride on the way and arrive in style.

At almost 63,000 miles, the car has a couple blemishes. The driver seat has a “cherry” mark from a cigarette. But it is only noticeable with the front seat bar extended. The driver side A-pillar also has a mark from a cigarette. The car had been owned by a smoker but I’ve never had any smell of it. There’s also a very small dent on the passenger side rear door from a parking lot incident. Honestly, somebody would have to point it out to you because you wouldn’t notice it otherwise.

This car has been maintained with the idea of trading it in under the CPO program. All maintenance was done on time at a Mercedes dealership. I’ve decided that my next car will be a vintage Mercedes and thus I’m selling this one as a private party.

Thank you for looking at this vehicle. My experience with it reaffirms my belief in Mercedes’ commitment to the highest level of engineering and quality. This will be the car for your life and the ride for your dreams.